Welcome to Hope International Services


Love is compassion in action - They need our love and our help now!

Destitute youth need our help.As a non-profit organization focused on meeting the health and basic needs of children in El Salvador, Hope International Services needs the support of volunteers from varied backgrounds. The most immediate needs, of course, are for volunteers in the medical fields:

Physician Assistants
and many other specializations of medical practice.

However, as a growing organization, Hope International Services also needs volunteers to help with organizing fundraisers and providing adminstrative / clerical support. Without these volunteers we may not be able to provide the poor and needy in El Salvador with the medical attention, food, and clothing they need.

For more information on Volunteering with Hope International Services, contact us at any time.

Our Next Trip

Our trips are in the month of March. Please consider volunteering for our next mission. Please contact us at any time. Hope International Services Include:

Hope International needs volunteers to accompany us on our medical mission to El Salvador - nurses, physicians assistants, physicians, EMT's, nurses aids and student nurses are welcome.

Please help where your heart leads you! Thank you once and again for your faithful support!