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Our Work in El Salvador

A Brief History:

Help us meet the needs of children in San SalvadorHope International Services, Inc. provides short term free medical clinics consisting of a professional team of physicians, health care workers & other volunteers from the USA & El Salvador who volunteer their time. Historically, various pharmaceutical companies, businesses, private individuals & charitable organizations such as Americares & Catholic Medical Mission donate all medicines & medical supplies. Currently we are purchasing all medicines, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies with in El Salvador due to high transportation costs.


Vice Presidents Kyle Dornich and Fraser Kershaw II provide health assisntance to an elderly woman.


Medical Clinics:

In our clinics we see up to 500 children plus their families. We provide nutritional counseling, medicine, acupuncture, spiritual counseling and immediate medical care. Diseases we typically see are scabies, parasites, respiratory infections, fungus, and malnutrition. HOPE International Services provides infant formula, powdered milk, and a protein balanced grain called encaprina, for children who receive services from this clinic. While families are here we offer them socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and wash clothes that are purchased from your financial contribution. We make these purchases in San Salvador where products are much cheaper and saves the cost of international baggage expense. Please consider making a financial donation to help these children.



HOPE International Services supports various orphanages in El Salvador through the ISNA (the government branch of child and adolescent protective services). ISNA is the main orphanage in San Salvador that houses street children. We provide medical attention, medicine, clothing, sports gear, soccer outfits, socks, shoes, and fresh food.


~~ Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphanes and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. ~~ James 1:27

Children playing.Transitional Living

HOPE International Services provides financial support for teens that are transitioning from the orphanage into apartments. The donation amount per transitioning teen is approximately $300.00 American dollars. This provides a bed, bedding, towels, and food for the 1st couple of months. Please consider sponsoring a teen! Click on our contact page for information on how to make a donation.


Clean Water

Our goal is to provide clean water by providing water filters to impoverished villages, prphanages and prisons.

Future Vision

Our future vision is to provide an opportunity for ISNA (The government branch of child and adolescent protective services). It will give the children an opportunity to come to our farm retreat and educational center. Our center will provide opportunities for them to learn about agriculture, life skills, art therapy, stress & anger management, hygiene, first aid, and emotional & spiritual counseling. This center is in great need, as it would help these children become successful, productive citizens.


Opportunities to Help

For those eager to make a difference in the life of a child there are many opportunities to help. Volunteers, sponsors, and donors play critical roles in helping Hope International Services reach immediate objective which is infant formula, powdered milk, vitamins, and medicine and health education for the needy in San Salvador. Please use our Contact Us page to request any information you would like.

~~ . . . and the disciples brought young children to Him (Jesus) that He should touch them . . . and He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon them, and blessed the children. ~~ Matthew 10:13,16