Welcome to Hope International Services


A Letter from the Founder

Hello, my name is Lorrie Gawryla, a Registered Nurse and President of Hope International Services. HIS is a non-profit corporation that provides services for abandoned children and adolescents in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador.

I have been traveling to El Salvador since 1993 because of a spiritual calling. The situation there is critical! There are approximately 50 children and adolescents living in Park Trovador in the city of San Salvador. They eat from the garbage and sleep in the dirt. They are filled with lice and scabies, sniff glue to suppress their hunger, they are extremely lonely, fearful and hopeless!

Thank you for your attention to this worthy cause.

God bless you,

Lorrie Gawryla, RN, B.S.                     

President/Founder of Hope International Services, Inc.

An Expanded History of Our Work in El Salvador

The Esperanza Para Niños program is a Street Ministry and Medical Clinics.

In January 2006, we voted toclose the Day Shelter, for a few good reasons: The street children that were there since the beginning had graduated and obtained jobs. The are doing well.The government was able to place the little boys we had in a full time residential shelter that they had recently built.

Hope International began collaborating with a full time Catholic orphanage, Foundation of Madre Delores. Madre Delores houses street children and Hope International provides food, clothing and vitamins.

Lorrie Gawryla, President and Founder of Esperanza Para Niños, and Vice President Fraser Kershaw II with Day Shelter youth during July 2004 Mission to San Salvador.